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Need a referral to a Vendor or Business Professional? We've got you covered! Click the button below to discuss which professional services you need and we will be happy to make an introduction to those we know and trust to take excellent care of you (or text 310-740-5815).

Trusted Professionals

We’ve served the Los Angeles Community for close to two decades, and we’ve met some wonderful business professionals along the way. We enjoy connecting people and are happy to refer local business professionals and vendors whenever we get the chance. Let them know we sent you!

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we enjoy connecting people

Hathaway Law, Zach Hathaway : [email protected] / 310-496-5820 

Citywide Law Group: / 424-248-2700  

Vittas Law, Peter Vittas:  [email protected] / 424-276-6091

Wainz World, Jen Wainz:  [email protected] / 310-935-1930

Marc Phelps, CPA:  [email protected] / 310-364-5288

Ameriprise Financial, Scott Durett:  [email protected] / 310-404-1941

Interiors Made Eezzy, Sam McCullough:  [email protected] / 310-722-7376

Handyman, Andy Walter “Handy Andy”:  [email protected] / 310-990-5572

Maher Insurance, Michelle Maher Ford:  [email protected] / 310-935-4533

Prism Design Co., Victoria Avallone:  [email protected] / 818-722-9298

mortgage loans

Mason McDuffie Mortgage, Stacey Wollf:  [email protected] / 661-430-1239

VIP Mortgage, Inc., Mike Cook:  [email protected] / 602-469-5293

Wash Bins Trash Bin Cleaning Service:  833-WASHBINS / 833-927-4246

Your Life Innovated, Shawna Lum:  [email protected] / 310-740-0348